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Pool and Spa Ozonators

Ozone destroys bacteria, molds, and mildew, eliminates spores, yeast and fungus, deactivates virus and cysts, and will oxidize and destroy oils and other contaminates in water. Ozone will reduce or eliminate the need for high levels of harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bromine, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Ozone aids in the removal of minerals such as iron and manganese. Ozone leaves no unpleasant chemical taste and is less corrosive than chlorine. Ozone dissolved in water will not irritates, nose, or ears, nor will it dry out or leave a chemical film on skin. Ozone does not affect the pH balance of water like traditional chemical treatment methods.
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Ozone is a natural oxidizer and therefore another way to sanitize your swimming pool. Ozone is produced by passing air through a high voltage electrical discharge, or corona. A minimum of 5,000 volts of electricity is necessary to create the corona. Air or concentrated oxygen dried to a minimum of -60°C dew point passes through the corona which causes the O2 bond to split, freeing two O1 atoms which then collide with other O2 molecules to create ozone. The ozone/gas mixture discharged from the CD ozone generator normally contains from 1% to 3% ozone when using dry air, and from 3% to 6% ozone when using high purity oxygen as the feed gas. You may be familiar with ozone use as a sanitizer in spas and hot tubs. The tricky part about using it in large swimming pool is getting enough ozone into the pool water to be effective. You will also still need to use some chlorine (or non-chlorine shock) in your swimming pool to keep it clean. You can expect an ozonator to reduce the total amount of sanitizer you use by about 60%.
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The most powerful, naturally-occuring oxidizer that can safely be used in a swimming pool or spa, ozone is faster, safer and 200 times more effective than chlorine. Chlorine produces a by-product called chloramine which is known to form trihalomethane (a suspected carcinogen). It leaves no unpleasant taste or odor, unlike traditional chlorine pool treatments. It will not irritate your nose, mouth or ears and will not leave your skin dry and itchy!



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